Late Collection

10.4 Late collection Policy

Policy Statement

Great Holm Preschool aims to keep the children safe and free from unnecessary upset and concerns.

We provide our contact details in our welcome pack and via our website

Pre-school session times are:

- Morning 9.30am until 12pm

- Afternoon 12.15pm until 14.45pm

- All day session 9.30am until 14.45pm

What is expected from Parents:

- We expect parents to support us and their child by keeping us informed if problems arise affecting the collection of their child

- We understand that emergencies do happen and this may make you late to collect your child on occasions

- We expect a telephone call explaining this and a reasonable solution made for your child to be collected

If you are late collecting your child, it will be recorded in the late book. If you are late (more than 10 minutes) on more than 1 occasion during a half-term, you will be charged a late fee of £5 per 5 minutes

In the event of a child being left for more than 10 minutes without a phone call, the preschool will try the child’s contact numbers provided on their emergency contact forms, in order of parents first, then emergency contacts second.

If there is no response and no contact after a total of 30 minutes, we will follow the procedures for an UNCOLLECTED CHILD which states that we have a duty to contact the POLICE and OFSTED