Late Collection

Staff will not hand over a child to anyone under the age of 18 or any adult not previously notified to us.

We are not insured for children to be on the premises outside of session times and request that parents/carers ensure that children are collected promptly. Please telephone the Pre-school as soon as possible before collection time if you think you are going to be late.

If you are late collecting your child, it will be recorded in the late book. If you are late on more than 2 occasions You will be charged a late fee of £5.00 per 5 minutes you are late.

In the event of a child being left for more than 15 minutes without a phone call, the Preschool will try to contact the child's contact numbers which are provided on their registration form in the order of PARENTS first, then EMERGENCY contacts second. If there is no response and no contact after a total of 30 minutes we will follow the procedures for an UNCOLLECTED CHILD which state that we have a duty to contact the POLICE and OFSTED.

Please see our full policy for more in-depth information. This can be found in our policies and procedures page. Paper copies are allocated outside of the preschool office.