COVID Policy

COVID 19 Policy 5.11(a)


This policy applies to all parents, children and their families attending the pre-school.

Purpose of policy

This policy is in place to protect all our employees, parents, children, and their families from coming into contact with Coronavirus (COVID 19)

To maintain a minimum level of staff to maintain ratios and ensure the pre-school remains open and children are kept safe in our care.

To prevent the spread of COVID 19.


Great Holm Preschool will be monitoring any guideline changes that are issued from the Department of Education, Early Years Alliance, Local Authority, and Central Government about the spread of Coronavirus.

Parents have a duty of care to inform the preschool if anyone in their household has a high temperature so we can monitor their child for symptoms within our setting.


Great Holm Pre-school staff will practice good hygiene and cleaning standards. Staff and children will be regularly washing their hands, and we will be using hand sanitiser when necessary. We will be cleaning surfaces, equipment, and resources throughout the day. Toilets will be cleaned throughout the session.

Staff will wear correct PPE when changing a child, this includes changing a nappy or when a child has wet themselves. The changing unit will have a deep clean every time it has been used.

We will encourage children to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, this will be either into a bent elbow or tissue.

We will also be encouraging the use of our snuffle station, “Catch it, bin it, kill it” remains to be a priority within the setting.

Children Displaying Symptoms at Home

If a child has a high temperature we would ask you not to bring them into pre school , but to let us know via telephone or email that they will not be attending for this reason.

As a high temperature is a key symptom of coronavirus. We will ask for your child not to attend the setting for 48 hours from that high temperature result. If for example your child has a high temperature on a Sunday evening you would need to inform us Monday morning, and not bring them in until Wednesday morning.

The childs temperature should continue to be monitored at home prior to returning to pre school, and the 48 hour exclusion period adjusted accordingly.

If a child has a suspected case of COVID-19 we will refuse entry to Pre-school to protect other children and staff from possible infection.

Children Displaying Symptoms within Pre School

If a child has a high temperature within pre school we will immediately call the parent / guardian and we would ask that the child is picked up as soon as possible.

The child must stay off for 48 hours from this high temperature result but continue to be monitored at home. If the high temperature continues at home they are unable to attend pre school for 48 hours from the last high temperature result.


Parents are encouraged to wear masks when dropping off and collecting their child. Parents are to ensure that their child stays with them until they are in the setting.

There may be a slight delay when coming in due to hand washing. At the end of session children will be handed over to the parent one at a time.

Please let a member of staff know if your child has been given any medicine before attending their session.

If Calpol is given before preschool your child will not be able to attend that day.

Parents will not receive any refund of fee’s if their child is off sick as per the parental contract.