Breakfast Club


REVIEWED: September 2020


    • To provide an affordable, early drop-off childcare facility for parents/carers.

    • To provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment for pupils before the beginning of the school day.

    • To provide children with a nutritious breakfast at the start of the day in a pleasant, calm and relaxed environment.

    • Be consistent and reliable to enable parents to have confidence and peace of mind whilst their child is at Breakfast Club


    • Breakfast club is open from 08:30am – 09:30 am, we advise children arrive no later than 9:10am in order for them to comfortably eat their breakfast.

    • Children are registered as they arrive, and a record is kept of what each child has eaten.

    • We offer a variety of healthy cereals, fresh fruit, low-fat flavored yoghurt and either Toast, crumpets or muffins which alternate weekly, with low-fat spread and jam. Drinks consist of Milk or water.

    • Staffing follows the ratio of 1:8 for children aged 3-5 and 1:4 for children aged 2-3.

    • Staff are on site from 8:00am to set up ready to open at 8:30am, We are unable to allow children entry before 8:30am due to insurance conditions

    • All staff have Food Hygiene Certification and dates on food are checked daily when being set up.

Safeguarding and Health and Safety

    • In accordance with Safeguarding arrangements, all staff involved in the running of the Breakfast Club, either in a paid or voluntary capacity have current DBS clearance. These records are held in the office.

    • Staff follow existing school policies and procedures for safeguarding, child protection and the code of conduct.

Fire Procedure

    • In the event of a fire, children and staff will follow the normal school procedures, leaving the building in a calm orderly way via the closest exit.

    • They will congregate in the school playground next to the park.

    • The register will be taken outside and all names checked.


The only cause for cancellation would be school closure due to adverse weather conditions or problems with the building, e.g. no heating or water supplies. In the event of closure:

A member of staff will endeavor to contact parents who have pre-booked for that day by telephone before 8:30 am.

During Adverse weather conditions school closure will be reported on the Milton Keynes Council Website - we are in conjunction with Holmwood School


Breakfast club is £3.50 per session, this is accepted via bank transfer


If a breakfast club session is pre-booked, paid or not, we will be unable to offer a refund if a child does not attend and you will be liable for payment for that session(s) booked. However, if the school cancels the club, a refund will be offered or the chance to carry payment forward into the next week.

Policies and Procedures

Breakfast club will follow the Preschools own policies and procedures and these are available outside of the office. This policy will be reviewed every September yearly or sooner if needed or requirements change.


All complaints will follow the pre- school’s complaints policy.