Please have a read of our reviews from old and existing parents

The staff members at the pre school are incredibly welcoming. My little lad had a couple of problems before starting at the school but since starting, he has come on leaps and bounds. When he first started, he used to scream bloody murder and there were a few times where his keyworker would have to leave the premises to help me get him through the door. Now he will shout at me in the morning with excitement if I take too long getting him and myself ready. The patience from the ladies is just incredible and although their primary focus is the children, they make it more than clear that if you need to have a chat then they always have time. I can't recommend or rate this pre school highly enough, the difference is night and day. I was always skeptical about sending my lad to a 'school' setting, I had said that I would prefer him to attend a childminders for the home feeling. But somehow, the ladies there have made the school a home away from home for the children. Its not been the easiest in lockdown either but they have made certain to use every single precaution necessary in order to keep themselves, the children and families safe. The pandemic has had everyone on edge and increased anxiety all around but every day the ladies put a smile on their face and act as normal as possible for all the children. I can't thank you girls enough, the difference you have all made to my little boy is night and day. - April 2021

My son is really enjoying his time at this pre school, he's always excited to go and has a nice time! The staff are always very friendly and caring - April 2021

It's a brilliant Pre-school and my little one loves it. The staff are friendly, helpful and very kind to all the kids - April 2021

My little lad loves it here and has really settled in. Staff are lovely and welcoming to the parents and children. My son is off to big school in September and we will miss this place when that day comes. Definitely recommend this pre school. - April 2021

Amazing space- local to the community - staff have helped my daughter in so many ways and made her feel like part of the family since day one - always happy and eager to help. Would recommend to anyone who wants a safe and happy environment! - November 2020

Lovely little Pre-school. My oldest 2 went here and they were so ready to start first school thanks to the staff. My youngest child is currently here and he absolutely loves it. The activities are varied everyday and he loves telling me about his friends and the things they have been doing. I would highly recommend this Pre-school - children love it here! - November 2020

My children went to Great Holm Pre-school and loved their time there. The staff are lovely and the space they have is great. My children loved all the different activities and were very ready for school when they left. Would definitely recommend. - November 2020

Excellent staff/team at great holm pre school. We feel our child is safe and cared while away from home. He has great bonding with his friends and teachers. We cannot thank enough for the individual care and efforts to make him comfortable. He enjoys coming to his pre school and its great to see how he is improving in communicating and socialising! - November 2020

The twins went here for two years and I was absolutely gutted when they had to leave to start school! The love, care and kindness of all staff is just outstanding. Jess is such a great teacher and she was amazing with my daughter and helped her come a long way in many things. Vicky had such an amazing bond with my son and really went above and beyond to make sure that both of my twins got the support they needed both at Pre-school and when they started school. I can't recommend this Pre-school enough, from all the activities they do to how they interact with the kids. They make sure that all the children are included and will cater to their needs. We miss you! - November 2020