Extra curricular activities

We provide weekly activities that provide unique and key teaching moments for our children here at Great Holm Pre-school

School readiness club - This is an opportunity for the children leaving to go to school that year to have some time to focus on key skills needed for school. For example we practice putting coats/shoes/clothes on and off, using scissors, becoming independent with activities and communicating confidently to adults/peers.

Story time - Although we read stories every day, this time is set aside for a group story for children that want to partake. Story time promotes new language and will improve the vocabulary spoken by your child on a daily basis.

Language support group - This group is set up to give extra support for children that are struggling with confidence. Its a chance to go to a quieter area with a member of staff that has a close relationship to that child and explore the communication used and develop this using methods the child will engage with.